Research Works

Research Works on SMS.

Microbiological Analysis

  • Identification of unknown microorganisms

  • Isolation of microorganism from a biological sample

  • Antibiotic assay

Biochemical Analysis

  • Qualitative and quantitative investigation of biochemical parameters (LFTs, RFTs,
    lipid profile, electrolytes, etc)

  • Vitamins and hormonal assay


  • RIA

Instrumental Operation

  • UV-spectrophotometer

  • Semi-auto analyzer

  • Electrophoresis

  • Essential oil and soxhlet extraction technique

  • Rota evaporation technique

  • Chromatography technique (TLC, column chromatography, paper

  • ELISA technique

  • Western blotting/ southern blotting technique

Pharmacological Assay

  • Drug profiling

  • Invitro drug analysis

  • ADME assessment of chemicals in vitro models

  • Antioxidant assay of chemicals/ extracts in vitro or ex-vivo models

Phytochemical Screening

  • Qualitative and quantitative evaluation of phyto constituents in plant samples

Animal Testing

  • Assessment of biological and pharmacological activities of chemicals/ plant
    extracts/ biological extracts in experimental animals (Rabbit/Guinea pigs/Albino
    mice/Wister rats)

  • Toxicity testing (LD 50 )

  • Histological examination