What after Graduation ?

Scope of Certificate Medical Laboratory Technology (CMLT)

Clinical laboratory testing plays a crucial role in the detection, diagnosis and treatment of diseases. With the career in the medical laboratory, opportunities are only limited by your imagination.

Clinical laboratory technician also referred to as MEDICAL LAB Technician. They perform complex chemical, biochemical,hematological, immunological, microscopic and bacteriological tests. they can work in governmental and non-governmental organizations, hospital pathology and diagnostic research centers. Furthermore , they can establish their own diagnostic laboratory to became independent.

They are eligible for bachelor study.

Scope of Diploma in Pharmacy (DPH)

Pharmacy is the art and science of formulation , compounding, manufacturing , distribution & sale and providing required information about the drugs. PHARMACISTS are highly trained and skilled healthcare professionals who perform various roles to ensure optimal health outcomes for their patients. They have opportunities in pharmaceutical industry , hospital pharmacy, community pharmacy, research and development (R & D) and in different governmental organizations.

They are eligible for bachelor study.

Scope of Medical Laboratory Assistant (TSLC)

Medical Laboratory assistants perform pre-analytical functions, processing of biological samples and preparing reagents used for the clinical testing. They have significant and increasing impact on quality patient care due to their expanding roles and broadened responsibilities in the clinical diagnosis of various diseases. After this course , they are eligible to work in different hospitals, governmental and non-governmental organizations. 50% seats in CMLT program are reserved for TSLC pass Students as per the CTEVT norms.