Diploma in Pharmacy


Diploma in Pharmacy – 3 years duration (Download curriculum for more details under downloads)

Eligibility: Students with at least an overall GPA grade of 2 and compulsorily ‘C’ grade (2 GPA) in Science, Math, and English in class 10′ are eligible to appear in the entrance test of CTEVT through the college. After passing the entrance exam successfully, students will be enrolled in the chosen program.

Scope- Diploma in Pharmacy (DPH)

Pharmacy is the art & science of formulating, compounding, manufacturing, distribution & sold of drugs & providing information to the relative person. PHARMACISTS are highly-trained and skilled healthcare professionals who perform various roles to ensure optimal health outcomes for their patients. They have opportunities in the pharmaceutical industry, hospital pharmacy, community pharmacy, research, and development (R & D), and different governmental organizations.

They are eligible for bachelor level study.